Live Crabs

Shell On

Poached crab with mayonnaise.

Served with rice

Black Peper Crab.

Served with rice

Spicy Crab.

Sauté crab Served with rice

Crabe with cream and Curry.

Served with rice

Crab XXL. Around 1 kg

served with 3 sauces and French fries.

Shell Off

 Imperial Crab. Crab Meat only in the shell with 3 sauces and French fries.  


Giant Prawns U10 (Indian Ocean)

Giant Prawns (min 100g pce) Grilled at perfection 

3 Giant Prawns served with French fries and 3 sauces.


Prawns Saganaki Greek style prawns

 with feta cheese, rice and vegetables

Prawns Provençale Prawns in sauce, Garlic, Parsley, Tomatoes, Rice

Prawns Sweet and Sour Chinese style sweet and sour,  rice and vegetables

Prawns Tempura Very delicious and easily digestible fritters; a rare low calorie fried treat.

Tempura Moriawase Tempura assorted, vegetables, Fish, and prawns.


Thermidor lobster baked in the oven

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